Eric Ostrow


Born from true love for the theatre community, Don’t I Know You? celebrates the unsung heroes of the stage. These actors have been working in the theatre their whole lives. They’re at the heart of every show, but their names are not always above the title. They’re usually supporting characters (a.k.a. the “second bananas”).

Hosted by theatre-obsessed Eric Ostrow, the Don’t I Know You? podcast trudges deep into the artistic minds of our greatest American theatre artists. No one is more interested in the craft and passion for what artists do than Eric Ostrow, and these conversations give theatre fans now a way to hear about what it's really like to live and work onstage. Actors share real stories and anecdotes about “The The-a-tre" and their personal lives off-stage: how they got from “A” to “B” and where they’re looking to go next!

Hang out and learn from our most prolific artists and find out whose stories can impact yours. Discover why they do what they do, and how they’ve kept their light alive for so many years.

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